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Visit with us the most important sanctuary in this area! After the journey through Boka Bay and the beautiful continental part of Montenegro, we arrive at the Monastery Complex and there are 3 hours of free time to visit the Upper Monastery, Church of the Holy Martyr Stanko, and the Lower Monastery. The Ostrog Monastery with the relics of St. Vasilije the Wonderworker represents the greatest sacrum in Montenegro, and it is the third most visited sanctuary in the Christian world, after Christ’s grave and Mount Athos, visited by all believers regardless of their religion. The monastery was built in 1650, and it consists of a Lower and Upper Monastery and a newly built church dedicated to the Holy Martyr Stanko. The Upper Monastery is located 900 m above sea level. It consists of two churches dedicated to the Holy Cross and Our Lady (the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary), and it preserves the relics of St. Vasilije, known for their healing powers. The Lower Monastery is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Our trip is an opportunity to visit the entire complex and admire the beautiful views while traveling. Willing people will also be able to taste traditional specialties in the national restaurant.

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The Monastery of Ostrog, carved in rock, is one of the most recognizable places in Montenegro. It is also a place of many pilgrimages for people of different faiths. This is a place worth visiting!

Besides, this trip lasts only half a day, so after the return, you can still enjoy the charms of Herceg Novi.

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