The Mountain Wreath

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"Mountain Wreath" is the most outstanding work of the most famous of Montenegrins - Petar II Petrovic Njegos. His rule, attitude, literary and philosophical creativity greatly influenced the state, and his legacy remains the greatest national asset to this day. Then we invite you to Lovćen - a mountain crown, a National Park, located between the Skadar Basin, the Bay of Kotor and the Budva Riviera. The place where Njegos left the most traces. There you will feel his spirit at every step. The road to Lovcen from Herceg Novi leads through the winding roads of Boka Kotorska. Using this opportunity, we will stop by the Veriga strait, the narrowest part of Boka, from where there is a wonderful view of the Adriatic and the mountains. Next is baroque Perast - a true pearl of the Montenegrin coast. After a short walk, we will head towards Kotor and the famous serpentines that lead to Lovcen. This narrow and steep route, which can quicken the breath of the greatest heroes, is one of the biggest attractions of Montenegro and a unique travel architectural relic. It leads to the village of Njegusi. The most famous in all of Montenegro. The hero of our trip was born here. Today, the place is known above all for its prosciutto, which of course we will try. With that, a little sheep's cheese, a drop of oil, a sip of brandy and we can continue. The mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos is our goal. It is the most located object of its type in the world, which undoubtedly determines the uniqueness of the person who rests in it. Then we will visit Cetinje, the former capital and seat of the rulers. A peaceful settlement where time seems to stand still. We will put the Cetinje Monastery in the foreground. It contains very important relics. According to legend, among them are: the hand of St. John the Baptist and a particle of the holy Cross of the Lord. After the tour of the monastery, free time for a walk on the main street of the city and a coffee. That's almost the end of us. At the end of that wonderful day, a great road from Cetinje to Budva, where one of the best views of the central Montenegrin Riviera is offered.

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This tour is perfect for all those who want to get to know the most important historical sites of Montenegro. The Montenegro tour gives you the opportunity to experience the Montenegrin coast, as a mountain region in the best possible way, in just a few hours.

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