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Montenegro is not only the sea and the coast! As the name itself suggests - Montenegro is a country consisting of mountains that make up the majority of the surface. Then we invite you to a trip, during which you will have the opportunity to get to know Montenegro from the mountain side. In the morning we leave Herceg Novi towards Niksic. The first attraction is the viewpoint itself - Lipci, which offers one of the best views of Bay of Kotorska. Then Pivsko Jezero, the largest artificial lake in Montenegro and the second largest. We will have breakfast in the restaurant Socica, near the Cathedral of the Holy Patriarch Makarij Sokolovic, which you can visit on the occasion. After that break, we will take the well-known road P14 through Durmitor and Durmitor National Park. We will stop by the peaks of Prutas (2393 msl) and Sedlo (1907 msl) and of course in the lake valley - Crno Jezero. Finally, the most characteristic point of Durmitor - the Tara bridge. This five-span bridge has a height of 168 to 172 meters and is 366 meters long, extending over the deepest canyon in Europe. Under the bridge, something for brave and adventurous people, a zip line. There are also restaurants nearby, we will have lunch in one of them. After a break, we start back.

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This is a unique trip, full of beautiful views. Perfect for nature fans, photography enthusiasts, and people who want to get to know the mountain part of Montenegro. The Durmitor National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1980. This is the most beautiful region of the country!

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