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The excursion to Dubrovnik is an opportunity to visit one of the most important cities of the Balkan Peninsula, located 50 km from Herceg Novi. The Croatian Dubrovnik dates from the 13th century and in medieval ages it was the only city-state on the Adriatic. Surrounded by 2 km long city walls with well preserved beautiful Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, convents, palaces, fountains, and the famous main street – Stradun, Dubrovnik is listed on the UNESCO list and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. A sightseeing starts at one of the two main entrances of the Old Town - Ploce gate (bus station). After the arrival in Dubrovnik, there is free time for sightseeing the old town with cultural monuments, tasting the delicious Mediterranean specialties, and drinking a cup of coffee. After that there is a meeting near the Ploce gate (bus station) at 10.00 pm. and then a return to Herceg Novi.

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This is a very popular excursion because Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans. Croatian Dubrovnik is located very close to the border with Montenegro, therefore holidays in Herceg Novi are the perfect opportunity to visit this city. In the afternoon, there are not many tourists in the city, it is quiet and you can see the charming uncrowded streets of the old city.

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