Why is Herceg Novi the best holiday destination?

Many people associate Montenegro with the cities of Kotor and Budva. Who knows the city of Herceg Novi? It is a city of sun, flowers, beautiful fortresses, an old city full of stairs, and a place where the famous Nobel Prize winner, writer, Ivo Andrić lived and worked. People who need real rest and relaxation should be interested in the information that the coast of Herceg Novi Municipality is 25 kilometers long and consists of 62 beaches. The 6 km long city promenade „5 Danica” runs along the sea and is ideal for evening walks. There are plenty of restaurants here, offering tasty meals, the best coffee, ice cream, sweets, and drinks.

Herceg Novi

For many people, Herceg Novi's biggest attraction is the three fortresses: Forte Mare, Kanli Kula, and Španjola.  Forte Mare Fortress is located on the coast and it was one of the most important fortifications at the beginning of the city's existence. It was built between the 14th and 17th centuries, first restored by the Venetians and after them by the Austro-Hungarians, but the largest reconstruction was made by the Turks when the fortress gained the dimensions that it has today. Since 1952 Forte Mare was adapted into a summer stage, so you can watch movies here. In the second fortress called Kanli Kula, nowadays you can listen to music and attend a concert because since 1960 there is a beautiful open stage, with a capacity of 1000 seats, which can be expanded to 1500 and an amphitheater of rare beauty and functionality. This monumental fortress is located at the northernmost point of the Old Town and was built in 1539 by the Turks. The last, but the biggest one, is Španjola Fortress, which was built in 1538 by the Spaniards when Admiral Andrea Doria's fleets arrived in Herceg Novi. The building is located on a hill above the city and offers beautiful views of the Bay of Kotor.

Španjola Fortress

Fortresses are not the only attractions of Herceg Novi. The whole old city is beautiful, there are Belavista and Nikole Djurkovicia squares, the Clock Tower, and old churches - Church of St. Archangel Michael, Church of St. Jerome, and Church of St. Leopold Mandic. Interestingly, there are as many as 89 churches in the Herceg Novi Municipality. Some of them are located in the mountains and create beautiful viewpoints. It should be noted that the most important temple in the city is Monastery Savina. It consists of two churches dedicated to the success of the Mother of God, a monastery residence with a treasury, and the church of St. Sava, isolated on a nearby hill. The tradition says that the foundation was sanctified by Saint Sava in the 13th century.

the Clock Tower

While spending time in Herceg Novi, you can also see the ruins of the citadel, visit the house of Ivo Andrić,  museums: the Captain Miroslav Štumberger House, the ˝Mirko Komnenović˝ City Museum and see the Marshal Tito's villa in Igalo for yourself. The modern resort and the yacht marina „Porto Novi” are also nearby. Once you see it all, swim in the sea, and have a relaxing time on the beach, you can contact the Active Montenegro Agency and go on a trip to the most interesting places in Montenegro!