Top 10 must-see places in Montenegro

Active Montenegro's customer advisers have selected 10 places for you that you must see during your stay in Montenegro. It was not an easy task! Montenegro is a small country but offers several unique and attractive places

1. Herceg Novi city
One of the largest towns on the Bay of Kotor, at the foot of the Orjen Mountains. There are many beautiful beaches, traditional restaurants, and interesting monuments - three fortresses, Savina Monastery, many museums, and a beautiful old town. Herceg Novi also has a convenient location - it is located close to the border with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which allows you to organize trips not only to the most interesting places in Montenegro but also to Dubrovnik, Trebinje, and Mostar.


2. Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor and Our Lady of the Rocks islet Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor is an extraordinary place, rich in many monuments and beautiful places, under UNESCO protection since 1979. The whole area consists of the Old Town of Kotor, Fortifications of Kotor, Risan, Perast, Sveti Đorđe and Our Lady of the Rocks islands. There are so many monuments in these cities that it is difficult to list them all. People who love photography should definitely visit these places because they will find many beautiful places to photograph there. While in Kotor, do not forget to taste the traditional „krempita” cake!

3. Old Town of Budva and Sveti Stefan
The Old Town of Budva is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. Amazing architecture, charming streets, beautiful coast, and many small cafes where you can taste great coffee. Sveti Stefan is a small islet and 5-star hotel resort located 6 kilometers southeast of Budva. The history of this place dates back to the 15th century. The buildings on the island are unusual, so the "photo pause Sveti Stefan is one of the favorite elements of tourists traveling through the Montenegrin coast.

4. The Old Town Bar and the oldest olive tree

Old Bar is one of the historically most interesting parts of Montenegro. Today an empty, extinct city that used to be a very important center of culture and development. Many researchers call it "Pompeii of the Balkans&quot. There are ruins of a Turkish bath, Franciscan monastery, bishop's castle, aqueduct, clock tower, and many other important buildings. One kilometer from the gates of the historic city grows one of the oldest olive trees in Europe, "Stara Maslina". It is about 2250 years old!

5. Skadar Lake
National Park, Skadar Lake is famous for its lake (the largest in the Balkans, located on the border between Montenegro and Albania), for the rich flora and fauna (added to the world’s list of water habitats of international significance RAMSAR), and cultural and historical heritage, as evidenced by numerous archeological localities, medieval monasteries, churches and fortresses.

6. Žabljak and Đurđevića Tara bridge
Žabljak is the highest situated town in this part of Europe - 1,456 m above sea level. The town is considered the „heart” of the Durmitor National Park, or the „gateway” to it. The biggest attractions of the Zabljak Municipality are the famous bridge on the Tara River and the possibility of using the Zip Line. The famous Đurđevića Tara Bridge was built between 1937 and 1940. The 365-meter-long bridge has five arches. The roadway stands 172 meters above the Tara River, and, what is interesting, at the time of its completion, it was the biggest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe.

7. The Canyon of Tara and rafting activity
The Tara River, known as the „Tear of Europe” has 82 km long and a 1,300 m deep canyon which makes it the deepest canyon in Europe, and the second in the world. We recommend you the rafting excursion on the Tara River because it is a one-of-a-kind trip! The Tara River Canyon is protected as part of the Durmitor National Park and it is in the UNESCO World Heritage program. Taking part in this excursion you can enjoy the most beautiful possible views, amazing nature, and experience one of the most interesting adventures of your life.

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8. Piva Lake and the Canyon of Piva River
Piva Lake is an insufficiently known place that we love! The lake is artificially created in the northwest part of Montenegro, in Plužine Municipality. The water in the lake is of an unusual turquoise color. On the bottom of Piva Lake, there is the old town Plužine. Piva Monastery was there too, but it was relocated in 1969, and now is about 8 km fromPlužine, and 3.5 km away from the original location of the monastery. At Lake Piva, you can use the longest zip line in Montenegro and admire beautiful views!

9. The Lovćen National Park
The Lovćen National Park is located in the place from which you can see almost all of Montenegro, and even Italy! Lovćen National Park is an amazing mountain, but it is also famous for the mausoleum of the Montenegrin ruler and poet Njegoš, on the top of Mount Jezierski Vrh. This place is am an important symbol of the magnificent history, true spirit, and rich tradition of Montenegro. An interesting architectural relic is also the road, winding uphill from Kotor to the village of Njeguši - the birthplace of Montenegro;s royal family, the House of Petrović.

10. Ostrog Monastery
Last but not least! The most important sanctuary in the Balkans - the Monastery of Ostrog. The Monastery was built in 1650, and consists of Lower and Upper Monastery and a newly built church dedicated to the Holy Martyr Stanko. Monasteries carved out of the rock are the third most visited sanctuary in the Christian world, after Christ’s grave and Mount Athos. In the Ostrog Monastery, there are the relics of St. Vasilije the Wonderworker. This place is important for religious reasons, but it is also an interesting architectural monument.