Events of Montenegro – SUMMER 2022

Wondering when is the best time to visit Herceg Novi, If you are a lover of different cultural events and which events from other regions of Montenegro you should consider when planning your holiday? This article is for you.

This year’s schedule of events:

Herceg Novi is the city of stairs, flowers, sun, but also artists! Therefore, as every year, the cultural programme for the summer of 2022 is very rich! What is worth paying attention to?
In July (21-28.07) I invite you to join Herceg Novi Literary Fans! Then the Bellavista market becomes a book market! If you prefer the film instead of books, you should enter the dates of 21-28.08 when the Herceg Novi Film Festival takes place. I would especially invite music fans to join us on August 19-21, when the Hype Festival takes place. A day ticket costs 15 euros and a ticket for the entire festival costs 40 euros. Hladno Pivo, Bajaga and Instruktori, Who See and Silente will perform.

Sea Dance
This is by far the most famous Montenegrin festival! Dance music reigns it for two days, for two nights without any break. This year’s Buljarica from August 26 to 28, performances include Nina Kravitz, Dubioza Kolektiv, Konstrakta and this year’s Eurovision winner, the Kalush Orchestra. Tickets are available on their website. 


We return to the events in the Bay of Kotor. Especially the Feast of Our Lady of the Rock Island. Fašinada, which takes place on 22 July.

Our Lady of the Rock Island is an absolutely extraordinary place. It is the only artificial island in the Adriatic. It is linked to a legend according to which, on July 22, 1452, two brothers found the image of the Virgin Mary on one of the rocks of the bay of Kotor. The painting was taken several times to one of the churches of Perasta, but returned to the rock again and again. That’s why it was decided to build a temple for him – right on the spot of a rock.
Our Lady of the Rock Island was formed from boulders and shipwrecks. Every year, on 22 July, in remembrance of this event, the Fašinada takes place - men dressed in traditional costumes pull their boats up to this place and throw stones next to the island. Sounds interesting? I hope so! Because in our opinion, this event is almost a must-see.

Bokeška noć

An event that I have never seen before and that attracts around 30,000 tourists every year. In Kotor, a historic city now under UNESCO protection and formerly a typical port city, the memory of sailors is honored. Bokeška is almost a masquerade of ships, associated with numerous events in the city and a fireworks display. This year will take place on 20 August.

Grad Theatre Budva
Budva. A popular resort that should be mentioned. Associated with parties. And yet the most important event there is a cultural event. Festival of street theater Grad theater Budva, which in the streets of the city held in late July and August since 1987. This year it is planned from 7 July to 21 August.

Are you going to one of the events? Which one interested you the most?